Why you should photograph on a rooftop when you are in a city!

So the way I think of it, if you are traveling to a city, living in a city, or want a chic, modern, or edgy look in your photographs, find a rooftop immediately! 

There are no bad views when you are on a rooftop especially in Florida. Florida does lack depth of field because the state is SO flat. But rooftop sessions are a great alternative when you are struggling for variety within your portfolio. 

My best friend Tamara had a great parking lot she found for our photoshoot together and I am absolutely AMAZED at the images we got. I had so much fun getting outside of my comfort zone, pushing towards more unique locations and really practicing my craft so I can confidently shoot with future clients. 

Theres nothing wrong with admitting that you need to practice and ask friends for help! It only betters your work at the end of the day. 

Your Photographer Friend,

Shaya O