Keeping it casual, in my opinion, is SOO underrated!

I think sessions in casual clothing are so relatable and natural in a way. There is no better way to remember yourself by then clothes you wear regularly while also feeling comfortable. When I talked to this couple they really weren’t sure what to wear at first. I could tell they were a really easy going and a super fun couple and I was beyond excited when they brought jean jackets to match each other for a “his-and-hers” scenario!

They turned out so cute while not forgetting to remember who they are as a couple and as individuals. There are so many "casual" scenarios you can do with couples such as a relaxing day at the house together, getting a drink at the local coffee shop, or even a casual clothed afternoon at the county fair! There are so many small events or local places that can subtly be turned into emotional and down to earth sessions.  

As a photographer... I love when people surprise me with cute and clever items or location ideas to enhance their images and get a little creative. Keep it coming!!

Your Photographer Friend,