Hi guys its Shaya here and I wanted to talk about MOTIVATION in this blog post. 

Motivation can come in all types of ways. Theres the motivation you receive from your friends, family, fellow photogs or clients raving about your talents and work that motivate and encourage you. They let you know that you are actually doing GOOD work! 

Theres also motivation that comes form admiring other photographers, to give you inspiration for future sessions and motivate you and remind you the creative aspect of photography and that the sky is literally the limit!

Theres also self-motivation, which comes from evaluating where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Creating goals or deadlines for yourself also motivate you to either pick up the pace and really invest in yourself to reach those goals.

There are so many days where these motivations are surrounding you constantly and others days where you are wondering “where the heck did my motivation go?”. Its okay to have days where you are unmotivated.

You may be drained and tired..which is totally normal. So take a day of rest, sleep in, do something that makes you relaxed and recharge. Don’t expect yourself to be motivated every single day and when you’re ready, you will KICK ASS. If you ever need a motivator, I’m you’re girl. So don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Your Photographer Friend,

Shaya O