So I’ve been asked by other photographers, “Shaya, what is your favorite time of the day to photograph?”. 

And I scratch my head and do some heavy thinking… And I honestly cant think of one right off the bat. Is there a time that is easier than others? Well yes.. Sunrise and Sunset are often ideal. These sessions offer softer images and not as harsh lighting and you are able to capture clouds and jaw dropping scenic shots.

BUT THEN. I look at this session of Kayla and Michael… and change my mind.

This session was shot at 2:00 pm… and made me think, It really depends on your …location!

There is no "perfect" time to shoot or time that I like better than the other. As photographers we can manipulate light using the settings on our camera, we also can pay attention to our location and know if we are able to shoot in the middle of the day or not. Is there shade, are there buildings around, and how harsh is the light?

The reason this session worked out is because of the shade. It was a sunny day but there were so many trees covering us and I was able to absorb all of the true shades of all of the colors! There is nothing wrong with doing more sessions Mid-Day, if anything you are fully booking yourself and giving yourself more opportunity to do more sessions.

Whenever I have struggles or photography fears during certain situations, I highly suggest PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. Get your model calls ready and get your camera out on your downtime and conquer it! That is Growth at its finest! You got this!

Your Photographer Friend,